Takta Kala Tejhiz Alborz

Preparing Products and financing


TaktaKala Tajhiz Akborz (TAKTA) was established as a trade company that its Mother Company is FSEC with over 2 decades experience in oil, Gas and Petrochemical field. It is worth noting that the mother company has Grade No.1 in Oil and Gas Pipeline Transmission. The Subsidiary Company (TAKTA) was founded for focusing on Trade Affairs, Procurement of all needed Products and equipment, consulting in field of investment in all projects of Oil, Gas and other industries.

The aim of this organization is Procurement, Selling and providing after sale services for oil, Gas and all industries of Iran Market via taking a representative of reputable foreigner suppliers and manufacturers.

Besides this company is working mainly on Financing Renewable, oil and gas and projects via attracting foreign investors.

Due to trust making between us and our partner companies, Quick access, high quality of products and competitive prices, perfect services along with sales and after sale services, help us to have a wide brilliant view and therefore our clients trust us straight forward.

Takta Products & Services

Takta Kala Tejhiz Alborz

Why Takta?

  • Professional management
  • Professional team
  • Reputable in international market
  • Client and customer satisfaction
  • Quick and easy access

Advantages of cooperation with Takta

  • Takta is sole and sale agent of foreign manufacturers and suppliers
  • All key personnel have professional and technical experiences in different oil and gas projects
  • Supplying original and qualified products
  • Professional commitment and ethics in business
  • Strong strategy to have a responsible supply chain