Vision, Mission, Values

Our vision is providing a path to identify all of our potentials and abilities. For sustainable development and to reach
our goal and, we are expanding our cooperation with reputable foreign companies, besides financial supporting
and procurement for all projects and clients in Iran are in our abilities which help us to be present in international
market and attract foreign investments.

Our mission is cooperating with reputable companies all over the world to support and help our clients and
customers in any situation, especially in critical and challenging situations. Besides we are believe that it is not
enough to provide equipment and services without considering quality of them. As a result we definitely try to be
Effective and efficient and we try to develop this approach.

helping the sustainable development of Iran, Customer Orientation, Observance of human dignity, Participation
and empathy with our clients and partners, Effective communication with foreign partners, Stakeholder
satisfaction, responsibility, Quick and easy access and Supply in the shortest time are our organization values.